Friday, 27 May 2016

14. 5. 2016

The rain and our tears - Water was all around the last day.

It was a very emotinal morning.

Thanking Inga and her team for making this meeting extraordinary!
Going home even though we didn't want to.

The Czech team had a layover in Warsaw.
While we waited for our flight in Poland, we decided to lose the weight we all gained in the Lithuanian families whose hospitality has no limits. Oh, the sweets <3

13. 5. 2016

Skating is fun!

Bowling is fun!

Spending time with new friends is fun! ;-)

The teachers' meeting point :-)

Not the teachers' meeting point :-)
A psychological test alá Šiauliai: Can you see a rabbit or a toucan or something else?

Thursday, 26 May 2016

12. 5. 2016

A meeting with the mayor of Šiauliai in the botanical garden.
One picture for the headmaster where we all SMILE, of course ;-)

Well, we pretended to understand the game in the garden.
With the biggest celebrity in Šiauliai.

What does the Lithuanian fox say?
The Hill of Crosses

11. 5. 2016

Klaipeda, the Czech team and yet another statue.

Even animals in Lithuania are better at basketball than us.
The sea, sand and WAU kids ;-)
We needed a rest after climbing :-)

We expected a lot but a SAND DUNE?! Awesome!

Tired after the whole day... just drag us home, please!

10. 5. 2016

OK, this activity seemed a little bit intimidating.

But after a while we found ot it was fun!

...and we even tried swimming ;-)

The teachers at work.

The shiest team is having a presentation.

The Portugese singing their original song (you will soon be able to see them competing in Eurovision).

9. 5. 2016

A beautiful presentation of Lithuanian culture.

When two Bosses meet...
Found them!
Visiting lessons...
These two ladies tried to teach us some Lithuanian.

The Lithuanian language is really difficult to learn.

8. 5. 2016

We took pictures with many statues whose names we can't pronounce.

Say "cheese" and find the right camera to smile at ;-)

Ha, we've climbed very high!
Our sightseeing in Vilnius begins :-)
See, not exhausted at all!

Yay! Europe Day!

At Trakai